The Cellars Winery tours

Where the great wines of the Langhe are born.

Retrace the steps of King Vittorio Emanuele II, La Bella Rosina and their son Count Emanuele Alberto inside the 19th century cellars of Fontanafredda and Casa E. di Mirafiore, discovering the fascinating world of wine.

The Fontanafredda cellar

Discover anecdotes about the royal family and the intriguing habits of the King, along with the majesty of the barrels in which the great wines of the Langhe are aged, and see what has made Fontanafredda an icon of Barolo throughout the world.


La Rosa Vertical Tasting


The Barolo of Serralunga


Discover Fontanafredda


The Mirafiore cellar

Six of the original late 19th century chestnut wood barrels and those made of concrete and dating back to 1887 can still be seen in Count Emanuele Alberto di Mirafiore’s cellar, and you and also learn how the grape’s native to the area are vinified in keeping with tradition.

Collection Mirafiore