The Restaurants 100 Vini Enoteca Bar a Vino

Drinking a great wine, here where it is born…is just so much better!

100VINI Enoteca Bar a Vino is more than just a wine bar.

It’s a wine shop in a historic 19th-century cellar. What better location to buy your wine? Just choose your favourite and take it home; or drink it here if you like, because this is also a “bar a vino”: not a wine bar, so call it by its authentic name.
Complete freedom of choice thanks to an extensive wine list which is clearly on display: all the bottles on the shelf can be uncorked at the table. But for those who are a bit more curious and indecisive, we suggest five journeys to explore a little: tastings to discover the colours, aromas and flavours of the Bottega del Vino’s most representative labels, perfect for pairing with tapas, local specialities for your aperitif or meal…

As in the typical Langa snacks

The ideal place to enjoy an aperitif while breathing in air that smells of wine and savouring tapas from the Piedmont region, made from carefully selected ingredients.

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